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World Company Sport Games 2024 i Catania, Italien.


Deltag sammen med en masse andre danskere til World Company Sports Games (WCSG) i Catania (Italien) den 19.-23. juni 2024. Et stævne med omkring 5000 deltagere fra hele verden, dog mest Europa – her møder du atleter, der kommer for at hygge og dyste i ca. 30 forskellige idrætter. Se alle aktiviteterne   her.  

WCSG er et fantastisk firmaidrætsstævne – hvor du kan deltage sammen med dine kollegaer fra både nær og fjern og få kulturelle oplevelser. 


Sicily and Catania are wonders of the Mediterranean, Catania is the second largest and most important city in Sicily.

It extends between the Ionian Sea and the active volcano Etna, the largest volcano in Europe. Catania was founded in 729 BC and was one of the first Greek colonies in Sicily. Romans, Arabs, Aragonese, Normans, and Spaniards brought their cultural contributions and innovations to the territory over the centuries.

Today, its cultural nature, literature, music, theater, traditions, food, and surrounding nature are recognized worldwide.

The characteristic baroque buildings stand out in the streets of lava stone.






Poul-Erik Oppelstrup